Shadina Smith, 29, shot dead in Harlem for confronting man who groped her

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Dec 4, 2014
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Abusive men aren't crazy. Abusive people breed atmospheres of fear to get people to comply with their demands. Bc if you think about it, isn't the perfect environment for abusers a world in which their victims are too afraid to say "no"? Men don't throw acid on women's faces bc they lost their mind, they do it as a warning for the rest of us.

I agree with you about not confronting people, but it's just so unbelievably terrible. I think she thought she was doing the right thing by getting her BF involved, but I think the police should have been called. :worried:
I agree. This is why I don't support BLM.

BLM does not care when black males harm black women.

BLM has the nerve to try to 'defund the police', huh? Who the hell is going to keep Pookie and Ray Ray from trying to terrorize women and children in the neighborhood then? All these bums with no job and no future have guns. The only thing those bums are afraid of is the POLICE. If that happens to me, I'm getting to a safe place, taking a photo of the person, and calling the cops ASAP.

Anyway RIP to Shadina. This was horrible, and she was so young.
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Jul 20, 2011
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This isn't isolated to NYC. Abuse and violence against women, black women is happening more than every in every town, city, and country around the world. It's Femicide. We need to be on alert, this can and does happen everywhere.
Last year Teen Vogue and The Washington Post did articles on the Femicide epidemic in the u.s. Why aren't we protesting against men killing us in record high numbers?!
Unfortunate that Rikers is closing soon. So many violent CRIMINALS are walking the streets of NYC freely!
I guarantee you the punk who committed this crime has a LONG wrap sheet!
It's stupid they are going to waste millions to close and build smaller jails. Why not just repair Rikers? There's too much focus on criminals. Rape and Domestic Violence shelters don't even get this type of attention or funding
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Jul 31, 2017
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This isn't isolated to NYC. Abuse and violence against women, black women is happening more than every in every town, city, and country around the world. It's Femicide. We need to be on alert, this can and does happen everywhere.

I'm happy you mentioned that as femicide is a worldwide phenomena.

I had to very jarring incidents with BM last summer.

One week, as I was walking home on a busy street (Nostrand Ave in Crown Heights, Brooklyn), some man leaned out of his vehicle and called me, "Fat p*ssy."

The following week, I was accosted and stalked by a Black male after I'd politely asked that he excuse me. I'd asked him to excuse me because he blocked me in every direction that I walked as him as his ****** spread across the sidewalk. He burst into histrionics when I asked to be excused. He yelled, "WE ARE BLACK! WE TALK TO EACH OTHER HERE! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TALK TO ME! WE ARE BLACK!" He kept blocking my path and popping his nonsensical shit. I had to walk on the curb of the sidewalk and nearly fell just to avoid him. He continued to stalk me after an old man told him to "Stop, stop, stop!" The degenerate yelled, "NO! Who the fuck does she think she is? These bitches are stush!" I told him, "I do not have to speak to you and do not touch me. Do not violate my space." He screamed, "I'M NOT GOING TO TOUCH YOU, OK? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? WE ARE BLACK AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO TALK TO EACH OTHER."

He only left me alone because I'd entered an establishment. I was nervous because normally I have something sharp in my pocket but it wasn't dark enough outside to justify carrying a weapon on me.

That man needs to be killed. He's of no consequence to the community.

Black women, I implore that you try your best to GTFO of the hood. Most of those men hate you for not being in the gutter with them and want to sharpen their egos on their backs.
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Dec 21, 2008
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NYC Teen named as shooter - Harlem groping murder

They've put out a picture of the boy who did it. I'm shocked he's barely 18yrs old, yet he's such a bullet blasting degenerate.

I know this lil kid unbelievable‼️ He was in my daughters class been bad since kindergarten but my gosh didn’t expect this. I damn sure asked her n her lil friends if any of them seen his ass. And if they do stay away and call police. Even my mom wasn’t shocked when I told her he was just always troubled. All the other Cisse kids were well behaved he was just rotten.

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