Spin Off:White women cook Jollof Rice while Black men run a country.

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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
Dressed in black. Which you will find on Meghan’s Mirror exactly one nanosecond after the service starts.
Transgender Woman Shot To Death By Date She Met On Plenty of Fish
It's true that I don't know most trans women, but neither do you. What I can say though is that I've spent time with, and built personal and...
YouTube's Beef Sector: The Poor Reports
Manipulation...at it's WORST in case no one caught it. James. Muva. YT perfectionist. Strikes again. Some woman on DKL's panel made a comment...
House Panel Advances Bill to Study Reparations in Historic Vote
Reparations are to benefit the descendants of slaves and correct injustices that arose from that. We don't have infinite lives. Ain't nobody got...
You ever met a white person who hated being white?
White liberals hate being white. They are being taught that being white is bad. Shit is hilarious.
My Jazzy Life
Jizz taking parenting classes online y’all...
Man who killed NM state police officer wielded an AR-15, police say, some NMGOPers blame BLM
The pig was way to relaxed his own and it cost him his life. Oh well. Instead of being pissed at black ppl for speaking out then need to ask...
Ready To Love Season 4-Houston(again)
Did anyone notice that the b-ball teacher picked two lawyers? Nothing against the lawyers but I just wonder if he’s looking for a suga mama too...
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