State Ethics Commission Finds ‘No Wrongdoing’ Over Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s Work Travel

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Jun 28, 2013
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They've been after her and her husband ever since she prosecuted the cops who killed Freddy Gray. Maybe they'll leave her alone now.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The State Ethics Commission found “no wrongdoing” by Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby over her work travel or illegality in gifts she received, according to a new report.

The commission conducted an 8-month long investigation looking into Mosby’s travel and recently informed her that she over-reported work trips to the commission that were not required to be disclosed.

Mosby was asked to amend her disclosure forms. She was also asked to amend her ethics forms to reflect she returned three gifts intended to be auctioned — $50 worth of hair oil, $188 CBD products and $25 candles. The commission classified these as “unacceptable gifts.”

The gifts were intended to be auctioned at a benefit for victims and witnesses of crime.

However, the State Ethics Commission did not report any evidence of wrongdoing or illegality.

In a July 2020 letter, Mosby asked the Inspector General and the State Ethics Commission “to open a full investigation into [her] work-travel and financial disclosures to determine if there had been any ethical or legal wrongdoing on [her] part as the elected State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.”

Mosby said she was falsely accused of “pocketing $30,000 in travel reimbursements.”

In response to the commission’s findings, Mosby issued this statement:

“What was true in July is true today. I asked for the State Ethics Commission to determine any illegality on my part, given the scurrilous accusations made by certain members of the media. Today, the State Ethics Commission has found what I knew all along- I have done nothing wrong. I will continue to ignore the incessant politically-motivated attempts to bring me down, and will continue to keep my focus on building a more fair and equitable justice system in the City of Baltimore.”

In February, the City Solicitor General found that Mosby did not have to get approval from the city for her work-travel when the travel was not paid for by the city. That contradicted the findings of an inspector general’s report.

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