The Female Sex (sort of black sector)

Mar 10, 2014
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She deserves her own thread, if she doesn't have one already. She is one of the more balanced and rational black female youtubers, critical of both "handmaidens" and "swirlers"

The Female Sex

Her niche topics: feminine wisdom, dark wisdom, science/technology, benefits of melanin, benefits of race mixing, class warfare, motherhood, independence from patriarchy and patriarchal religions/gods

She recently made a comeback and has said interesting things about swirlers, black woman bashers and others in the sector.

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Had to ask my non-black coworker what was funny after having my natural hair out.
Sorry you had to deal with that. It can be really awkward and uncomfortable when these situations happen. I remember this white girl laughed at my...
Why was Michael Jackson doing hard drugs while being the only parents for his kids?
not everyone should be parents. mj is one of those people your mother is one of them too. she failed big time
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My brother wants to go to college for video game design & not the military, dental hygienist...
I'm aware, it was just an analogy. It just seems to me that it is on the same level as an art degree. Very specific degree that does not really go...
9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Thread
This was not a good night for me to not have wine. Sheesh.
RHOA Porsha unfollowed Cynthia
Somehow I want toxic Nene back, I know she’s a big bully but she’s so funny and has excellent comebacks, I’m tired of Latoya, Latoya for me is...
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