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Oct 23, 2019
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I just recently made an account after just using this site for a while. Is this thread private or something?


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Police Break Up Large Party At Tarzana Home Of Chris Brown
So the police do break up celebrity parties. Im surprised considering LSA say the celebs pay police off and have them on their side.
Any Smino tea?
Okay.... So... Yall tell me if I'm reading too much into this but.. last night Jean Deaux posted Monte Booker on her ig story and then about an...
Woman Kills Her Baby Daddy, Who Kicked Down Her Door On His Way To Anger Management Class
If his mom still alive and she gets up there and say how good of a son he was. I would lose it, you hear me!!:joy: You know she’ll throw in how...
Lori Harvey finally doing make up Routine on Vogue y'all
Yawn @ this thread. I notice people are always looking for someone to be "ON" and entertain them on the level of Dave Chapelle+ Denzel Washington...
Why do men say they don’t like women who sleep around but yet still have sex and entertain women...
Women be getting pregnant by f-boys everyday B. People aren’t honest about what they prefer, and half the time they’re lying to themselves. As...
UPDATE Reddit Users Are LEGALLY Gaming The Stock Market...
I have a theory, please tell me if I’m wrong experience ones. I think I kinda fucked up my doge bag. I think when u sell on RH, they sell your...
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Chris Cornell Blind Item - Might Explain His Death XII
Was listening to The Pretty Reckless' latest album the other day and noticed this lyric. It is definitely without a doubt about Chris. I truly...
What did y’all think of this scene? (The Irishman)
Lmao was it an accident or did the guy really push the girl on purpose? Never seen this film.
Asian woman walking in Manhattan bashed with hammer by stranger demanding victim remove mask
Exactly, black women don’t go up randomly attacking people even the extremely ratchet black women. LOL wtf are u talking about?
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