Throwback: Laurel man looking self yells at everyone at Wes's funeral

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Aug 9, 2015
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Remember when the campus had a funeral for Wes, and everyone was being fake and crying like they knew Wes and or close w/ him?

And then man looking corpse face, Laurel threw a fit at the fake crocodile tears of the funeral goers. The way she was yelling at them made it seem like Laurel and Wes were boinking and loving each other since the 19th century. When in the show's timeline they had only been together as a "couple" for what a couple of months?
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Feb 16, 2016
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To be fair, they were like each other's ONLY friend before they started smashing lmao. She was a bit much though in general post-War lol...

I was just watching some chick's reaction vid to this episode and was thinking "Ma'an (Laurel), you're doing way too much right now. Go have a daaaaamn drink and go lay your pregnant ass down." Lol...

Aight let me leave before I get spiled. I haven't finished last season yet lol...


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