Was Bonnie's ex a transman?


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Julia Roberts and celebs shading Chrissy Teigen
Jen and Julia are two ugly bitter white women who stay hating women who look better than them lol but Chrissy deserves. It’s still funny how Julia...
RHOA Kenya been told ya'll
I don't like Kenya, but I don't like adulterous sluts more. Porsha is dead to me. This.
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Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread
Exactly like she must be new to lsa if think me saying stank pussy was horrific lol that’s pg compared to the ruthless stuff people be saying on...
New Youtuber Kirah Ominique- Any tea?
The fake British accent was not cutting it, it's a no from me. Sis still needs to extend her vocabulary maybe get a speech therapist to pronounce...
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Joe Budden: I'll Name This Podcast Later
He said he will sue Rory and Mal if they try to start another podcast. I pray Charlamagne and Schulz hear this.
Racist Customer Dies After Being Punched By Worker Who Was Called The N-word
i feel bad for him. he just trying to make an honest living and got to deal with racist overly entitled cawcazians Indeed. Granted, this is...
New Regimen and MUCH happier hair
So I did my best to replicate a wash n go with the videos of Aiesha and your stylist Afrobella with using UFDCM, Trepadora Papaya slip and also...
NAKITA from YOUTUBE...I find this VERY disturbing
I don't know why she stopped with the youtube videos, she could be generating decent money on top of all her other ventures. also anyone know if...
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