What De'Arra & Ken (DK4L) May Be Making/Month On YouTube

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Dec 17, 2013
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the guy looks like a member of one of those early-2000's boy groups.. i can't put my finger on who but he looks SO familiar..

I am not mad at ALL at the money they're bringing in. A little scare for them though. I hope they not only have good contracts set up between each other, but I hope they have a proper accountant/business manager. I can't even fathom having that much money at my disposal and I'm grown as hell (well, kinda...). lawd!

ETA: OP, I know you don't wanna share your channel on here, but what genre is it in? Congrats on your success so far!

[FONT=&quot]I agree too wasnt sure if it was soul for real but you said early 2000's. he def looks like someone[/FONT]
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Mar 12, 2012
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Could it be 112? The Slim lead singer guy at the far left

hahah I was thinking younger, but for the life of me, can't name ONE boy's group right now..

[FONT=&amp]I agree too wasnt sure if it was soul for real but you said early 2000's. he def looks like someone[/FONT]

could be... i just threw out 2000's as a starting point.

This is driving me crazy but i'm glad i'm not the only one who sees it!
Sep 16, 2016
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I watch their videos, good for them.

You asked how they got so popular, I think it was the prank videos tbh. They had a following before doing challenges but pranks seem to be an easy way to get clicks.

That D&B nation couple does reaction videos, and pranks. They also grew basically over night.

And good for you doing your thing on youtube, OP, would love to support but I know you don't want LSA tracing your movements. :disdain:
Gosh I'm not a fan of D&B nation at ALL they try entirely too hard and Damien needs a foot up his behind he's a complete jerk. I think they are really into JUST for the money the way he reacts and the things he's posted on Twitter *trash*.
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Jul 8, 2016
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Their channel is a little immature for me but i still click on their videos when it pops up in my suggestions bc they are a young, black couple doing their thing on YouTube. I click on all videos of black couples just to give them views.
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Aug 4, 2015
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This is the video that y'all are referencing?... The guy isn't famous LOL ..[video=youtube;nSf11JcTk54]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSf11JcTk54[/video]
Sorry, not sorry.
May 25, 2013
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How many videos do you post a week? What days do you post, and what time of day? Are you in a routine with it or just post as you go? Whats your niche?

(If you don't mind can you PM me your channel?!)

*You may have answered these questions, I'm about to read the rest of the posts now.

Hey guys,

I want to start sharing my YouTube knowledge with you in case it's something you might want to pursue some day.

As a (small) YouTuber, I am estimating based off my own earnings what these people might be making. Please sub & watch these black YouTubers to help them gain visibility and make more money - life is about supporting your people, after all!

Last time I featured Lovely Ti:

Tonight, let's talk De'Arra and Ken. Can any of you tell me what made them pop off? They seem to have been an overnight sensation!

Here are their current stats:


Absolutely incredible viewership numbers. Almost to the point that they're unbelievable considering Philip DeFranco has only 5M more and he's the top youtube "show" that's been around 7+ years (vs. their ~1) and has over twice as many subs. I'm keeping a strong eye on them to figure this out.


As you can see, they've netted 15.3 M views over the past 30 days.

1m views is typically about $2,000 lately so they've made at least $30.6 k this month if I were to guess conservatively. Multiply this by 12, and you'll see that they've made at least $367.2 k this year.

That's outside of merchandising, sponsored videos, social media, their second channel, etc.

Yes, I know they're signed to a network and will have to pay taxes, but this series is about GROSS REVENUE.
I've seen some of their sponsored videos (candy box subscription, gaming app) in Famebit - a marketplace for YouTubers to make money, being listed for $5-20k. So on top of the >$30 k they make monthly, individual videos can be about $10k from an advertiser. They seem to sell a lot on IG and Twitter, so there's no telling what they're pulling in. My guess is at least 90k/month.

It doesn't take much to start making money on YouTube. I only have about 3k subs and am already making $350 in my 3rd month and that's off of 135k views. Once you hit that sweet spot in uploads:views, YouTube promotes the shit out of you and your earnings/exposure increases. Last month I was at 90k views and $200.I am about to take my first stab at merchandising and will keep you posted on whether or not it works with my audience!

YouTube is a legit way to brand yourself and make good money, y'all. Don't sleep on it!

Based on my personal CPM, 1M views would be 2.5k. Everybody is different though, so I went conservative with their numbers.
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Dec 18, 2016
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According to your math (correct me if I'm off), my fave youtube couple (Dwayne n Jazz) are pulling in 20-30k a month, while I was thinking they were pulling the low end of their socialblade range.

This makes me like them so much more. They've been over 10 million views a month for a minute and they ain't eating every meal out, ain't lazing around all day, haven't bought expensive cars (peeped their little matching nissan altimas), ain't shopping constantly, still in the same living situations so they can save up for a house and Dwayne still works as a security guard. So different from the rest of these young youtubers when they get some money.

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