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Zodiac Psyche Sign describes the placement of the asteroid Psyche in your birth chart. This asteroid is also known as the Goddess of the Soul. This sign helps you understand yourself and know your soul, mind and self better. This is based on Western Astrology.

Zodiac Psyche Sign describes your characteristics based on the placement of the asteroid Psyche in your natal chart.

Along with the sun sign and moon sign, the Psyche sign also helps you understand yourself better. Psyche in Greek means Soul. This has given rise to a most unconventional kind of astrology. The name has come from Greek mythology where the stories are about evil fathers, jealous women and prince charming. Psyche stands for everything related to love, passion, jealousy and our inner self. This asteroid tells us a lot about ourselves and our journey through life. It gives us an aim to know our soul and mind better and know where we stand today. It tells us about what we expect from our partners and what we crave for in a relationship.

Zodiac Psyche Sign is a very simple tool that helps you know yourself better thus making you more sensitive to the unexplored realms of compatibility astrology. Zodiac Psyche Sign is a freeware which has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user.

Psyche aspects connect the meaning of the contacted planet with a heightened awareness: with Uranus, she indicates precognition; with Chiron, she indicates abilities in psychic healing; and in Ceres, she can show how the individual can mirror skills in communicating with plants or children. In synastry, Psyche contacts describe points of intuitive knowing—and understanding—or total lack thereof—between individuals. Psyche-Eros contacts indicate the potential for soul-mate union.

Psyche is the goddess of the soul. The position of Eros and Psyche in partners natal chart can help us to understand the synastry and chemsitry between the two.
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Cosmically activated by wildflowers gathered just for her. Try dandelions, moss, herbs, flowers with therapeutic meaning. The ultimate? Something you’ve grown yourself or perhaps something you can drink? She needs to know that her allure is working. Psyche in Taurus is the natural born seductress who trusts her sensual instincts above all. Her vital indicators of love are the scent of her mate and pleasurable skin-to-skin contact. However, if the fingertips don’t zing off one another at first touch, she turns off. Flighty, on-off-on-again guys need not apply. However, these types will still swarm around her, longing to be soothed by that aura. A true sybarite, she is drawn to abundance. Nature and stability evoke her deep inner serenity.


Cosmically activated by a surprise posy. She officially thinks flowers are a cheap romantic trick. But, if you pull out the totally unexpected, for-no-reason bouquet, she melts. She needs to know that she will be amused. The muse of love and a sparkling wit, she is able to spin the mundane into sparkling fresh vistas. Psyche in Gemini is comfortable with romantic ambiguity to the point of perhaps even preferring it. She trusts her mind, staying where the stimulation is, needing both to amuse and be amused. Her romantic ideal is to be a co-conspirator in love, the true companion and confidante of her soulmate. She quickly realizes that Mr (You-Figure-It-Out) Taciturn is not for her. Complex and beguiling, she is literally terrified of dull people.


Cosmically activated by water lilies. To trigger the nurturing but complex depths of the Cancerian Psyche, bring anything that grows in the water, or November lilies. Think lush. She needs to know that she is safe. She is the empress of hearts, a woman of profound nurturing instincts and compassion. Some wince at the ‘lame duck’ guy — she sees only the swan-in-waiting. Her all understanding mien attracts many not-so-suitable suitors. Spookily, she is able to morph into whatever guise feels most appropriate for the circumstances. Yet this Psyche must take care to stay attuned to her own true needs and avoid wandering around lost in the desire-driven projections of others. Highly emotional and intuitive, she needs a lover to cherish her extreme sensitivities.


Cosmically activated by yellow flowers such as sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, yellow roses. The Psyche in Leo girl is at the centre of her universe. Maybe the Sun Goddess rose… She needs to know that she is the star. Psyche in Leo is the showgirl at heart, needing admiration from more than just one-quarter of the male population true happiness. A born creative spirit, that flees fast from mediocrity. She makes men giddy and she fancies the idea of being dizzy with love. The first moments of a crush are heaven for Psyche in Leo. But herein lies the problem. She craves a love beyond all others, the greatest love show on earth. But what relationship can actually live up to that? Easily bedazzled by good looks, her heart’s true fulfillment lies in manifesting her own star quality.


Cosmically activated by rushes, river grasses, or one of those lettuce arrangements. She likes anything that’s green. Her vampish knowingness and grasp of nuance suggest an arrangement of kale with sword ferns. She needs to know that it’s more than good sex. Psyche in Virgo is the vamp of love and the mistress of nuance. Whatever her lover’s unspoken fantasies or secret motivations, she’s onto it. She’s slinky, suave and so totally together that it’s holistic. But Psyche in Virgo frets, yearning for someone to show the same grasp of her details. She wants to be finessed, to have someone remember her favorite poem or the thread of the conversation from three months ago. Utterly sensual, she is nonetheless most enticed by a deep mental affinity, by someone who understands her with no explanations needed.


Cosmically activated by pink flowers. The Psyche in Libra woman is girly-girly in love and she prefers subtle shades. Think pink: fuchsias, pink gerberas, coral carnations. She needs to know that she will be allowed to breathe. Psyche in Libra is the dream girl of many but her own heart remains somehow detached – a skilful romantic player but somehow disengaged from the action. So sophisticated in the arts of love, she is also too smart for many of her would-be lovers. The Libran Psyche requires someone with her own depth of sophistication and worldliness. She can’t handle too much emotional intensity or someone who sees a relationship as simply a socially convenient unit. Rife with ambiguity, she wants to be doted upon, yet at the same time afforded her precious personal space.


Cosmically activated by something growing. It has to be viable, alive and a bit different from the run of the mill. A cactus? A feng shui money plant? She also has a soft spot for berries. She needs to know that she will not belied to. The enchantress of love, Psyche in Scorpio is a strategist. Preferring to bewitch rather than be bedazzled, she moves in quietly and presents herself in many different guises. Her ultimate love goal is the ‘nothing but you’ paradigm. Should she be involved in a mere fling, her standards are almost impossible for anyone to live up to. She is a super control freak, running the dalliance on her terms, like it or not. The lover who betrays her trust to even the teeniest degree is out that door, forgotten in a moment. She knows her journey to find The One.


Cosmically activated by plants that make a political statement. She loves natives, especially the ones that have been ousted by exotics over the years. She adores the eco dimension. She needs to know that she will not be forced to be someone else. Psyche in Saggo is the adventuress, the most free-spirited lover of all. She is at her most ecstatic during a ‘You understand me, you really do!’ moment with a new love interest, in her soul she is a child at play in the sometimes too-grown-up world of adult relationships. There is always a wild child in the heart of this woman. She would throw over a sensible liaison in two seconds – even if only in her mind – just to experience the bliss of the moment. No matter how fixed her reality, her heart may only be unlocked by a fellow visionary wanderer.


Cosmically activated by a mauve journey of status. Psyche in Cap is switched on by nature’s finest like orchids, tulips and dahlias … but not in red. Stay elegant and stick to lavender. She needs to know that she is The Trophy. Worldly and assured, Psyche in Capricorn is the prima diva of love. A true trophy bride for a hero, she is adept at scoring the guy that no-one else can get. Until Mr Perfect comes along, her heart is often a no-fly zone. Her secret soul is well enclosed, protecting her from exploitation. Mature love often becomes her more than the games of early youth, where her gifts can be overshadowed by some tougher competition. She is a work-in-progress, learning from life as she goes along, honing her extreme sensuality and insight.


Cosmically activated by the Zen approach. Psyche in Aqua leans heavily to the simple yet powerful. Think bamboo, ikebana but not bonsai. Watch her thrill to the perfect origami. She needs to know this is for real. From an early age, Psyche in Aquarius knows that she is unconventional in love. The druidess of romance, she is euphorically independent, unwilling to be ‘grounded’ by any but the most ideal of men. The source of her power lies in her refusal to be anyone but her authentic self. Her dream relationship is a true companionship, mutually supportive beyond the dreams of most love affairs. Breathtakingly frank, she has no time for playing games and typical romantic cant. Her only true love is the man strong enough to let her be her utterly complicated self.


Cosmically activated by white flowers. Whether they’re conspicuous gardenias, sexy jasmine or mysterious Apache plumes, this girl adores the intricate scent of such blooms. She needs to know that her sensitive side is also acknowledged. Jaded as she may pretend to be, Psyche in Pisces is love’s princess, the most romantic of them all. This is a woman who never gives up on her girlhood dreams of true love. Compassionate and blessed with the magic gift of being able to love unconditionally, her kindness can lead her up many a wrong track. Under estimate this woman at your own peril. She likes to project vulnerability but is actually the Psyche sign most capable of reinvention. She needs a lover sensitive enough to see beyond the myriad of personae that she tries on for fun and to nurture the sweet ‘child’ within.

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