Who had the better debut album?

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Oct 25, 2014
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City guys with country girls
Lol....as far as Meg and Pardi...which one is country? Ain’t meg from Huston? Like her girl bey and Pardi from nyc like jay?
SWV vs. XSCAPE VERZUZ BATTLE | May 8th, 2021
I enjoy SWV's music more than Xscape's music. And I love Coko's voice. But SWV did not impress me last night. I was actually surprised that Xscape...
Mom says she dont want to see us until we are vaccinated!
The thing about science is that... scientists question everything. Sweety, you aren't team science, lmao. Question all you want but question at...
6 people killed in apparent murder-suicide at birthday party in Colorado Springs, gunman...
Yes, it's tragic. This olympic boxer from PR killed his pregnant gf last week on her nephew's birthday. Horrible. (and he was friends with her...
Found you guys a new AMBW youtube family! (MAZELEE) - Thread II
Okay hands, people. Who would have predicted the train going off the rails like this, even a year ago? Anyone? Seriously though the tamest thing...
23-yr old white boy from deep-deep red Oklahoma suburb triggers Trump supporters over white...
Sounds unhinged and misguided himself. Type to tell you about your culture to your face. Hope him and his adversaries fight to death He's...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Happy Mother’s Day to all the real mamas !! Keesha must claim she germ social media management as well because the caption damn sure ain’t...
Cashier Arrested After Hitting Disruptive Customer With A Full Wine Bottle
Let me refresh your memory. You were the one whining below about your negative experiences from elementary school with black men. Now that you got...
So Falynn isn’t black...she’s biracial
Bruh Even my unaware ass knew Falynn was biracial...this is truly old news.
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