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Oct 25, 2014
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Ana de Armas dating alcoholic deadbeat cheating mess Ben Affleck Discussion Thread
Anon on SohoH+T: "Ana has a boyfriend yall chill. Also most of her scenes with Ryan. Her boyfriend was literally at her birthday party." LMAOO...
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Black Twitter Tea & Discussion Thread
It’s the losing n ubering back home for me. To Uber to someone’s house is a lot of confidence in your hands A lot of delusional
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
Damn I did not realize they fried her ass up over “The Bench”. I really thought y’all were just hating because that’s what this thread does lol...
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RHOA PORSHA fans ONLY... are these butt shots, fat transfer or implants in this photo?
She just got older and gained weight Yeah right! She gained it all in her ass and not the stomach, thighs, chin, face, waist or any damn where...
The little girl looks like what Lili Diana Mountbatan Windsor will look like in 12 years?
What do y’all think? It’s my first post in the royal thread so please don’t @me. I‘m team Megan because of Doria but I’m pretty meh on this entire...
Anything Drake & His Hoes 2020
I do notice a pattern every time a person says he’s with someone he’s seen with someone else. He did that with the stylist. He then popped up with...
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POLL: Why are fonts on this site STILL posting happy/gleeful threads about people catching C19?
Bruh, you can’t tell me anything …if you had the high IQ you claim, you wouldn’t be on this site. And I’m not anti science whatsoever. ?? But...
His wife called..
There are no excuses in this day and age. It’s called a BACKGROUND CHECK.
Lara Trump says Take Up Arms & Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
I’m surprised they didn’t tell the cult that their preparing to move back in the White House and all they need is their donation of 100 dollars a...
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