Woah Vicky Parodies Saweetie and Quavo's Elevator Incident

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Jul 29, 2017
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My mother treats my brother much better than me
I'm sorry to hear that. Wishing you much healing and love on your journey.
Cashier Arrested After Hitting Disruptive Customer With A Full Wine Bottle
blah blah blah. more name calling. go punch some plexi-glass and stay out of my mentions. your reactions make perfect sense as you too are clearly...
UPDATE Brittany Byrd addresses JT with some love and light type shade; JT responds again
Symere Bysil Woods what voodoo are you using in this two women that all claim you lool
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The Clubhouse App Official Discussion Thread
I missed all the mess yesterday. I was occupied with Xscape and SWV but I see my prediction that the original room and the folks in it about the...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Sorry for quoting myself. I'm asking this cause earlier today I got a notification that NV posted (YES i have her notifications on since the...
Women with children
When our kids were little (we had already split), my ex-husband would invite me to brunch, help the kids pick me out a gift/card/flowers. Very...
I'm a Caregiver and I HATE IT!
Can her children all pitch in and pay for a caregiver for her? I mean it really shouldn’t fall all on your shoulders. That’s not fair to you...
SWV vs. XSCAPE VERZUZ BATTLE | May 8th, 2021
This. Coko is so dominant that the money is NOT split three ways. Coko gets half and I think the other ladies get 25% since Coko sings lead on ALL...
Rapper Shock G dead.
In the video shock was naked nothing but some blue briefs on no socks no shoes nothing. He started off in his room he opened his room door then...
Looks like a night on the toilet and heartburn This is tmi but my friend wanted to go there and this is exactly how our night and next day went...
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