Woah Vicky Parodies Saweetie and Quavo's Elevator Incident

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Sierra Leone has sold it's rainforest to China for $55 million
We're really witnessing china colonizing Africa, so sad to see. China will now produce their own product on their land using their resources, and...
NYC Fonts get in here
These crimes happened at early morning hours, between 1am to 5am, which is why there’s never police present. At those hours on the train there’s...
Lawyer for QAnon Shaman says his client and other MAGA rioters are 'BEEPING BEEPED'
"In an expletive-laden interview with Talking Points Memo, Chansley's attorney Albert Watkins suggested that his 33-year-old client's mental state...
Toronto /Canada Gossip...
How do I get added to the new group please?
BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill Passed
sooo nobody is gonna say shit about how China was acting a plum fool by kicking out Africans and blaming them for covid? Where is the marching for...
I’ve been asked to take in my little cousin and let him live with me
OP are you married? If not, I don't understand how his experience will be any different living with you, a single man, than that of living with...
See The Thing Is... podcast
Is this how a remorseful person acts? Couldn’t even keep up the act for a whole day. And they just released another pod on top of this trash...
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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
What does "degree wife" even mean? The Times has become a tabloid. No doubt in my mind. Had to google. Apparently earning a degree takes 3...
The Song That Was #1 On Your 7th Birthday Defines 2021 For You
I'm not sure what this means? Someone help me. I like this song though. I got this one too! January 2002? x
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