Women who age without many relationships or kids look young?

Aug 2, 2016
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Sometimes I wonder if guys don’t take me seriously because of my young aura. At work I’m babied a lot. It’s sometimes nice but want to be taken seriously most times. I think the big thing is being taken seriously though you look young. I got more snarky remarks when I was younger. People thought I was trying to act innocent.
The most irritating part is that you're usually the smartest one of the bunch! Hey people underestimate young or young looking people smh. Most of those are actually very dumb, empty & void.
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Dec 9, 2012
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I dont agree.

I feel like a lot of threads are to make individuals feel better about their own situations.

Tell yourself whatever you have to tell yourself to get through another night since it's on your mind.
I mean, of course people create threads for an ego boost but many folks are definitely curious and want an honest discussion.

That said, you can't deny, the lack of stress will have a significant impact on your physical appearance and how you age.

I remember an interesting comment I heard from a male coworker, who had been in the Army. I was asking him if he could distinguish between the two nationalities of both my Asian friends, whose pictures I had on my desk. One was Korean American and the other was Vietnamese American. As he grabbed the picture, he said....."let me see which one looks like she's been through some things and has a slightly harder look".....then he pointed to my Vietnamese friend's picture and said...."she's the Vietnamese".

So I asked him why he said that about her looking a bit more hardened. He said the Vietnam War was stressful, traumatic and took a toll on everybody involved. Something like that will show in your face!

So yeah, you definitely can't deny that not having kids and no husband will bring stress levels way on down.

When you're sick, you can nurse yourself back to health and stay in bed all day doing so with no interruptions. When you feel too tired to do any chores, errands, etc, you don't have to. You can get to them whenever you want and can stay in bed all day, resting up and chilling.

With kids and a husband, you'll still be doing most of the work because men definitely aren't making it a 50/50 deal. You worry about the relationship itself, especially when it hits rough patches.....and it will! You worry about your kids.....and according to the ladies on here with kids, this is lifelong!

There is a thread on here asking women if they regret having kids.....very interesting. You should read it because the word that comes up a lot is stress.

It should come as no surprise that women who never marry, nor have kids, live longer than women who get married and have kids. It should also come as no surprise that men are the opposite of this. Men who get married and have kids, live longer than men who never get married, nor have kids.

You begin to see where the stress comes from, regarding married women. Looks like men put all their weight, problems, etc, onto their wives. Plus, on top of wives doing the most already.
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Sep 8, 2008
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Positive vibes only.
Nov 19, 2016
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No, I know plenty of young women with no kids/many relationships who look older than their bio age. One thing a lot of them had in common was they're on the heavier side and that weight ages them.
I'm 31 and overweight. People always think I'm a college student. I also know a girl my age who is a size 0 and she looks like a college student too. It depends on the person.

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