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Aug 18, 2015
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Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
He's so funny man. It's the poses for me he shows the fit details like the YouTube girls
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The Keanu Reeves Discussion Thread
Yes, and I also think his mother is responsible for how he thinks of women and why he doesn’t have a problem with AG’s behavior— it’s what he’s...
Tired of men thinking that I'm going to chase them
Why can’t some of y’all ignore the male fonts and put them on ignore? Smh Everything is connected. Men these days are broken. Broken spiritually...
SWV "Weak" Almost Went To Bobby Brown
Now I done heard about 3 stories about who this song was supposed to go to lol. But I absolutely can't imagine Bobby Brown singing this in any fashion
SNL embarrassing themselves yet again with terrible 'Gen Z Hospital' sketch
I’m surprised how long this show can be unfunny and people still bother to tune in
Expat American Atlanta black man killed in Columbia
It’s seen as obnoxious and honeslty I think it is too and I say this as someone born and raised in America (i too think US should just make...
UPDATE Rapper AKA's fiance Nelli commits suicide
One of her friends says he smashed Nelli’s head against a wall and there’s a video of him breaking down a door to get to a room she was hiding in...
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Loose Puthy Peasant Presents: The Queen Naija Story
https://instagram.com/stories/queennaija/2569535570722152541?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=19mb3psu70ayz Is she finally opening her eyes...
Texts reveal students fear after a 6th grade girl pulled gun from her backpack and opened fire...
Read the text message exchange One of the injured students was shot once in an extremity and may require surgery, according to...
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