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Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread
My birthday tomorrow and i better get long dissertations about why I make y'all coochie's moist. I told Herb not to post me tomorrow cause I'm so...
DMX & THE POUND : TEA on beloved rapper many side chicks, 9 bms & 17 kids.
Eww not Jay. I’m more jealous of Mary J Blige since she smashed Tupac, Nas and possibly X. Mary still smashing nas that’s the wild part I wanna...
Brixana (Briana Monique') Discussion
can anyone id the top? It looks like scarf b
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Y’all remember when keefalucious would always show her pregnant stomach to everyone? She’d try to rub it on people! Even Jeremy was annoyed with...
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Black woman goes on mini rant, says she gonna support Asian nail shops no matter what! “They...
But why would I get upset if Ming calls me whatever if I don't speak her language? I can understand other black folks (for the most part.) This...
The Challenge Season 36 Double Agents (no spoilers)
Cory didn't play anything, he coasted straight into the final. I wish Darrell had got to say more, or if he did they hadn't of cut it out. No...
Gorgeous Black model and her hunk hubby
All the dimes in the black community are gonna start to marry non black men. That's why this thread was made. Some of you are mad about that as...
Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
Y’all go on Brittany IG and watch her IG story. She said JT got sucker punch by Uzi
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