YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3

Aug 27, 2017
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This entire Thread needs to be saged and holy water sprinkled. First I’m reading that mess 40 posted sounding like she purchased some bad drugs. Now her ass is in timeout (well deserved). Next others are beefing and updating ignore list. Y’all don’t let Keesha’s demons infiltrate this thread.....what time do y’all want to burn this sage and sprinkle holly water?!?!? e4:ROFLMAO:e6
Quick time...ln fact as quick as Keesha and her pointy ass shoulders got kicked out the Postell Palace after Needa texted momma socks....
Mar 20, 2020
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First of all, when sis first got casted every body gave her a fair chance and still nobody hates her. Paris sits on information because she doesn't want to dry out, she knows just like any one else should that her content on Keesha's train wreck drives her the most traffic period. y'all are not watching those videos about them damn contacts or wigs. So instead of laying shit out on the line, she tries to drag shit out as far as possible so she has something to post, and to try to keep her channel from being dead when the tea is dried. cause if that's not the case then what is it that they 'have on' her that makes her play tit for tat with them weak ass hoes?! Keesha definitely gets the most smoke in here as the fuck her stank ass should, and every other party involved will be held accountable just like her.
Mrs Kaluuya
Apr 6, 2011
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I see the same font beefing with others on this thread trying to tell people what to do.

Let me say this...
anyone can post, say, mention, give input and ADVICE to any MF they want. No one runs this thread or tells anyone what to do in this MF. The same font who wanna control people thoughts is the same one who wants to tell people what they should or should not post in this thread. FOH, you not Nino Brown bittch. We all grown. My mother in England, not on "Mama's Family."


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