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Why do some bw defend ww honor so much?
Like their life depends on it? That Da baby thread had a lot of women angry at Da baby calling him all types of names saying the ww didn’t...
Chloe Singing To Drake Skin Glowing
Girl b patient. Ungodly hour was released almost a year ago. The album has run its course. We will see how her current activities will contribute...
My boyfriend and my friend got into a physical altercation...
You’re really crazy. This is dangerous especially when you have seen it in real life... this can’t b real
Food-addicted woman too fat to fit in a plane seat sheds 182 lbs during lockdown
She must be tall because she looks like she lost about 75 pounds from the before pictures. She doesn't have a "former" fat face either so she...
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
When Jim Jordan hears what MajorieTaylor has proposed and realizes she needs help
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Keesha girl you are really ya mother’s child. Soon y’all will have matching mug shots & a criminal history *hugs*. I can finally come back to the...
People laughing at this "double homicide" clip, let me be mean...
Not ya'll about to write think pieces on Joseline's scripted ass reality show. Of all scripted ass reality shows. Of all Puerto Rican princesses.
Lyfe buys son his own business for his birthday
very nice. but seeing how Lyfe treated women on L&HH, leaving her in the park...he's def on this list for me: Why is this podcast being shared...
Her light shined: Hester Ford, oldest living American, dies at 116 years old
There is one thing I noticed people who live to 100 have in common....they generally have at least 1 daily ritual that they have been performing...
Miami Tea Ch 4 2021
Marcy must gave Roq the photo shop editing app for her pics cuz roq pictures been hittn lately
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